More information on Teach Me To Pray
Sangster, W.E.
More information on Teach Us To Pray
Rob White
Do you find praying easy or a struggle? Here's some help so that it becomes a delight. Based on the Lord's prayer, which was always intended to be a model for prayer rather than a prayer we learn by rote, Rob white examines each part of the prayer and shows how we can practically apply these to our ... (more)
More information on Teach Your Children To Pray
Denise George
In a nut-shell this book is a non judgmental, practical, hands-on, I've been there approach to Christian parenting with a wonderful, inspiring, get me started focus on prayer. Yet it doesn't compromise on the truth and the challenge of God's word. Once you start reading it you will realise the value... (more)
More information on Teach Your Family The Truth
Brian Stone
What you have in your hand is the end result of a family effort. The use of catechisms and confessions has been an invaluable help and tool to us in our family devotions. Over an extended period of time, as we have worked through the Westminster Shorter Catechism, we have taken the liberty of rephra... (more)
More information on Teach Yourself New Testament Greek - New Edition
Gavin Betts
The Greek of the New Testament was the common, everyday language of the first century and it is often referred to by the name 'Koine', which is the Greek word for 'common'. In Palestine, it was usual to put notices in three languages: Aramaic, Latin, and, the common lingua franca of the Mediterranea... (more)
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Marcus Brotherton
Meet the author of the wise words above and the woman who shaped the lives of some of the most influential Christians of our time. Dr. Mears poured the energy of her mission—to know Christ and make Him known—into a generation of college kids who would leave a legacy of Christian leadership that can ... (more)
More information on Teachers Manual (For My First Book Of Q&A And Bible Q&A)
Kleyn, Diana
Teaching children from the word of God is a challenge, you need all the help you can get. This manual, and the children's catechisms that accompany it, help you to take your child beyond Bible stories to the truths behind them. We want our children's learning to be more than repeating knowledge so t... (more)