More information on Reading Acts: A Literary and Theological Commentary
Charles H Talbert
Answers to the usual introductory questions do not yield sufficient harvest to enable an intelligent reading of Acts. The approach of Reading Acts is to ask how ancient Mediterranean auditors would have heard Acts when it was read in their presence. To be successful Talbert divides this approach int... (more)
More information on Reading Between The Lines Volume 1
Glen Scrivener
Volume 1 of Reading Between the Lines will take you through 181 Old Testament Bible readings. These devotions will point you to Jesus, warm your heart and encourage you to keep going as a Christian
More information on Reading Corinthians: A Literary and Theological Commentary
Charles H Talbert
Paul's letters to the Christians in Corinth portray a young church struggling to live out the demands of the gospel amid the life of a thoroughly urban setting. In Reading Corinthians, biblical scholar Charles Talbert helps his reader to grasp what was at stake in the conversations between Paul and ... (more)
More information on Reading Galatians, Philippians and 1 Thessalonians: A Literary...
Charles B Cousar
Cousar interprets three letters of Paul, each of which shows him in a different light. In Galatians, the apostle contends for the gospel against a group of Jewish Christian missionaries who have come into the congregation. In Philippians, Paul addresses his favorite community in intimate terms to of... (more)
More information on Reading Hebrews and James: A Literary and Theological Commentary
Marie E Isaacs
Reading Hebrews and James provides a clear path through the unique and often divisive Letter to the Hebrews and Letter of James. Isaacs's commentary on these two letters expertly considers questions of authorship and historical context while also making both Hebrews and James undeniably relevant for... (more)
More information on Reading Jonathan Edwards
M. X. Lesser
This comprehensive compilation of reader response to Jonathan Edwards, spanning 276 years, includes a reprint of two earlier works — Jonathan Edwards: A Reference Guide (1981) and Jonathan Edwards: An Annotated Bibliography (1994) — and the publication of a third, a gathering of commentary from 1994... (more)
More information on Reading Luke: A Literary and Theological Commentary
Charles H Talbert
Reading Luke concentrates on the literary and theological distinctives of the third Gospel. Charles Talbert’s effective and insightful commentary enables its reader to see and feel the full force of the literary masterpiece that begins the Christian story in the birth of Jesus Christ and continues i... (more)
More information on Reading Luke: Interpretation, Reflection, Formation
J Green (ed) / A Thiselton (ed) / C Bartholomew (ed)
A rich and comprehensive volume, essential for all those interested in how to read Luke as relevant for today. In this sixth volume, the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar brings its past six years of work on biblical hermeneutics to bear on the gospel according to Luke. Contents: Introduction ... (more)
More information on Reading Mark: A Literary and Theological Commentary
Sharyn Echols Dowd
Dowd examines the Gospel of Mark from literary and theological perspectives, suggesting what the text may have meant to its first-century audience of Gentile and Jewish Christians. Mark is a Greco-Roman biography of Jesus written in an apocalyptic mode. Its theology is based on the message of the pr... (more)