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Melody Carlson
Welcome to college. An avalanche of emotion hits Caitlin O'Conner as she lands on campus and begins to realize she's not in high school anymore--and the rules in this corm deal are different, to be sure. Buried in coursework and far form her best friend Beanie, and the kids she grew up with, Caitlin... (more)
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Kim Walker Smith
esus Culture's Kim Walker Smith is back with On My Side, a brand new studio album all about the ups and downs of life, and how God is there throughout. Drawing from her own personal life, becoming a mother, losing a father, moving home, and planting a Church, Kim Walker Smith pours her heart into... (more)
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Lela Gilbert
"Get past 'what might have been' and look toward 'what can be'." In this wonderful dedication to single mothers, Lela Gilbert captures all the questions and concerns a woman might have about raising children on her own. Calling upon God and faith, single mothers everywhere will enjoy this book and t... (more)
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George Allen / Angie Allen
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Maureen Lang
Two time periods--Victorian Ireland and contemporary England--are again woven together in this sequel to The Oak Leaves. Rebecca Seabrooke is a commercial manager for Quentin Hollinworth's family manor and is focused on two things: running the best historical home in the country and forgetting about... (more)
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David Novak
These essays are based on lectures given to largely Christian audiences, however they all began in conversation with serious Christian thinkers and theologians including Markus Barth, George Lindbeck, Stanley Hauerwas, Kendall Soulen to name but a few. The essays are also greatly influenced by Augus... (more)
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Tim Dowley