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James Dunn
New Testament scholar James D. G. Dunn has published his research on Christian origins in numerous commentaries, books, and essays. In this small, straightforward book designed especially for a lay audience, Dunn focuses his fifty-plus years of scholarship on elucidating the New Testament witness to... (more)
More information on Jesus Among Other Gods - Youth Edit
Ravi Zacharias
You can't be friends with God if the God you believe in doesn't really exist. You can't depend on God if your God is a figment of your imagination. In a world full of gods, how do you know Jesus is real? You have probably heard things like: All religions lead to the same God. All faiths te... (more)
More information on Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message
Ravi Zacharias
In his most important work to date, apologetics scholar and popular speaker Ravi Zacharias shows how the blueprint for life and death itself is found in a true understanding of Jesus. With a simple yet penetrating style, Zacharias uses rich illustrations to celebrate the power of Jesus Christ to tra... (more)
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La Due, William
More information on Jesus And Archaeology
James H Charlesworth
Archaeology still has many things to reveal about the life and world of Jesus of Nazareth. To touch a two-thousand-year-old pot held by a Jew who lived in a small village frequented by Jesus brings us closer to understanding those who were touched by Jesus. Jesus and Archaeology contains lecture... (more)
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