More information on Genesis (NIV Application Commentary)
Walton, John H.
Noted scholar John Walton follows the three-tiered NIV Application Commentary format (Original Meaning, Bridging Contexts, and Contemporary Significance) to reveal how this first book of the Bible applies to us today.
More information on Genesis (People's Bible)
Sidney Brichto (ed)
The purpose of The People's Bible is, in essence, to make it readable. In these interpretive translations, the variety and scope of the Bible comes to life, proving that it can give pleasure even to non-believing lovers of great literature. This is a complete and faithful translation of Genesis, loo... (more)
More information on Genesis (Shepherd's Notes)
Paul Wright
More information on Genesis (The People's Bible Commentary)
West, Gerald
The book of beginnings frames our reading of the whole Bible and shapes so much of our theological thinking. It is an intensely theological book dealing with questions of cosmic significance, yet it is also the unfolding tale of one particular family full of human experiences and emotions. In his co... (more)
More information on Genesis (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary) (Paperback)
James McKeown
In this commentary James McKeown treats Genesis both as a book of beginnings and as a foundational sourcebook for biblical theology. He begins with exegesis of the Hebrew text, highlighting the recurrence of key words, phrases, and themes throughout the book. He draws attention to passages particula... (more)
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Michael Eaton
More information on Genesis 1-11: Foundations of Reality
CWR present a further title in the highly regarded Cover to Cover study guide series. Genesis has very important things to say about how we understand the world today, and the early chapters of Genesis are of great importance for understanding the whole Bible, setting the stage on which the subseque... (more)
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Michael Eaton
More information on Genesis 1-4
C John Collins
A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary. Much controversy surrounds the opening chapters of Genesis. They are “ ‘front-loaded’ with all manner of vital topics,” says C. John Collins, “such as God’s work of creating the world and mankind; what it means to be human; why our present experie... (more)
More information on Genesis and Exodus
Moberly, R.W.L. / Johnstone, William
This new format for the Sheffiled Old Testament guides offers the acclaimed and authoratative introductions in larger configurations, prefaced with a broad theological and literary orientation by a leading biblical theologian. Genesis and Exodus is introduced by John Goldingay.