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Olivia Holden
Document your faith life in over fifty lists. A beautifully produced book enabling readers to keep lists relating to their personal faith life, perfect for giving as a gift or buying as a treat for yourself. Inspired by the popular Listography books, this journal will create a space for Christia... (more)
More information on Faith Map Year C
Covering every possible Sunday in Year C, Faith Map is designed to be used, as a whole or in sections by anyone involved in children's liturgies, Sunday school, primary school assemblies or by parents at home. Contains stories, prayers and activities in a 'ready-to-use format' and includes photoc... (more)
More information on Faith Odyssey: A Journey Through Life
Richard A Burridge
"Faith Odyssey" takes the theme of journey as a way of understanding the Christian life, drawing on themes from science fiction as well as Bible stories and Christian classics such as "Pilgrim's Progress". This is a revised non-Lent edition of a successful Lent book, first published in 2000. It is a... (more)
More information on Faith of George W. Bush
Stephen Mansfield
This book allows readers to see how George W. Bush interjects his faith and belief in God into every detail of his life. From the President's devotional time alone each morning to his frequent incorporation of Scripture into his speeches, Bush relies upon his faith to direct his actions and goals.
More information on Faith of George W. Bush
Stephen Mansfield
More information on Faith of Our Fathers Dvd
A story of fatherhood. A journey of brotherhood. With the Vietnam War raging in 1969, two young fathers report for duty. A man of great faith and a doubtful cynic. A quarter-century later, their sons, Wayne and John Paul (David A.R. White and Kevin Downes), meet as strangers. Guided by handwritt... (more)
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