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Dianna Crawford
Readers will be delighted to return to the Reardon Valley in An Echo of Hope. When young widow Hope Reardon's childhood love, Michael, returns from war, old feelings are rekindled. But Hope and Michael must first overcome their past hurts so that their hearts are free to love again.
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Ryan; Monahan
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Allerd, Frank
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Edith M Humphrey
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William G. Rusch
In 1988 William Rusch wrote a book tracing the development of the idea of reception up to that time. During the intervening years, both reflection on reception and the experience of attempting to engage in it have progressed considerably. Rusch begins with a bird's-eye view of the term reception acr... (more)
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A R Cross
This collection of essays revolves around the two fields in which Professor John Briggs has contributed so much: history - particularly Baptist and Nonconformist - and the ecumenical movement, and many of the contributions examine the inter-relationship between them. With contributions from colleagu... (more)
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Matt Wilson
Something is happening in our cities. A quiet miracle. Followers of Jesus are moving out of their comfort zones. Leaving old securities behind, they plant their homes and their souls in urban community. Young and old, single and married… they choose to live out their lives in the face of some of the... (more)