More information on Baptist Sacramentalism
Anthony R Cross / Philip E Thompson
'A reference point for all future discussion on the issues' Paul S. Fiddes This collection of essays includes historical and theological studies in the sacraments from a Baptist perspective. Subjects explored include the physical side of being spiritual, baptism, the Lord's Supper, the church, ordi... (more)
More information on Baptist Ways: A History
Bill J. Leonard
This exhaustive resource traces significant aspects of Baptist history from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries. It surveys basic beliefs, events, and experiences evident in Baptist communities and provides one of the most comprehensive resources on Baptist history available. Leonard exp... (more)
More information on Baptists Profiles: A Discussion of Baptist Identities- Volume 1
Tom Nettles
The nature of Baptist identity has come to a place of critical importance in Baptist studies. What exactly constitutes a Baptist? Tom Nettles seeks to answer this fascinating question through examining the lives of some of the most high profile and influential Baptists in history. The Southern Bapti... (more)
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Bancroft, Alan
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More information on Barefoot in the Kitchen
Alie Stibbe
More information on Barking Up the Right Tree: Verses to Spark Thought and Discussion
Tony Bower
Enjoy reading this collection of prayers, poems and performance pieces on your own or with others. The pieces are perfect for sparking off discussion in a church home study group or school classroom setting. Whether used prayerfully or studiously, each piece has a brief, introductory aim and a sugg... (more)
More information on Barnabas Children's Prayers
More information on Barnabas Make & Do Bible Crafts
Leena Lane / Gillian Chapman