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Russell Cronkhite
Combine the sparkle of a beautifully set table, the aroma of herb-roasted chicken, and joyful conversation and for a multisensory delight! Rekindle the bygone Sunday-dinner tradition with mouthwatering recipes from across America---from Boston brown bread to glazed country-baked ham to warm peach co... (more)
More information on Birthday Bouquet Picked Just for You
Beth Yarbrough
For special occasion birthdays, group giving, or just to tell someone that he or she deserves more than the ordinary card, A Birthday Bouquet ensures the happy day and the sender will be remembered long after the day's celebration has passed.
More information on Love Notes from God
Mary Hollingsworth
Looking for reassurance that your heavenly Father not only knows you're there, but cares about your sorrow and pain? You've got mail! When you open this "envelope" filled with miraculous stories, inspirational quotes, and Scripture verses, you'll smell the lovely perfume of his presence everywhere! ... (more)
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Dirk, Walter
More information on Wonderful World Of Boys, The
Spectacular photography celebrating the wonderful world of boys is featured in this book of sensible parenting advice, caring encouragement, and heartwarming stories from Dr. James Dobson. Packaged in a gift-book format, this book celebrates the next generation of men with over 80 extraordinary phot... (more)
More information on God's Promises are Great for Graduates
On graduation day, when life's journey seems uncertain, it's nice to know that God has the path clearly planned. That's the underlying theme of God's Promises® Are Great for Graduates! This collection of Scripture promises and inspirational quotes, carefully selected for the graduate, are compliment... (more)
More information on God Thinks You're Wonderful
Max Lucado
Each brief thought in this heartwarming collection is accompanied by an irresistible drawing to remind readers of God's love and care. Shea's disarming and delightful illustrations pair perfectly with Lucado's warm words in this unique, full-colour gift book.
More information on Blessings For The Graduate!
Saylor, M
When we bless people we bestow something upon them. We give them our good wishes as a gift, as something that will offer joy and kindness. When we ask God to bless others, we want them to receive God's gifts. This book contains: A short preface explaining what is a blessing and the value of... (more)
More information on Apples For A Teacher - A Bushel Of Stories, Poems And Prayers
Reece; Donihue
For anyone who teaches, here's a bushel of shiny, red apples--stories, quotations, and Scriptures that say "thank you for being my teacher!" This deluxe full-color gift book is the perfect substitute for a greeting card with its inspirational text, photographic illustrations, and an envelope, too!
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Broth Victor-Antoine