More information on Leviticus: Interpretation - Bible Commentary for Preaching & Teaching
Samuel E Balentine
This work focuses on the history of Israel during this time when Israel's life was marked by the various ritual sacrifices and observances commanded by God for the ordering of the nation's life.
More information on A Reformed Baptist Manifesto
Samuel E Waldron / Richard C Barcellos
More information on A Time for Mission
Samuel Escobar
More information on The History of Christianity in Asia Volume 2
Samuel Hugh Moffett
A stunning scholarly achievement offering a sweeping view of the "Great Commission" on the enormous canvas of the Asian continent.
More information on The Difference CD Samuel Lane
Samuel lane
Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland presents Samuel Lane - The Difference. Five years on from Samuel’s 2013 critically acclaimed debut album The Fire, Lane and Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland release the follow up album, The Difference. The story is one of looking to Jesus. When we fall short, he offers his... (more)
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More information on Why Is God Silent on Mandela?
Samuel Ngoma
Veteran Zambian Journalist Samuel Ngoma tells the incredible story of the life of this statesman, covering his leadership, his courage, his triumphs, and his heart-searing losses. But Ngoma then takes it a step further, diving into the question of Mandela's faith and offering a profound look into a ... (more)
More information on Letters of Samuel Rutherford
Samuel Rutherford
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Samuel Rutherford
More information on Songs of the Servant King
Samuel T Carson
The Servant Songs are presented to us in language that has been described as some of the most beautiful poetry in Hebrew literature. They pass before the mind as a series of prophetic visions, a kind of prophetical anthology. Taken together, they reveal the purposes of God for the whole earth. The S... (more)