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Natalie K Watson
Rethinking the Christian faith from a woman's perspective has been an important advancement in modern theology. This book introduces the methods, ideas, and contributions of recent feminist theology to readers encountering the subject for the first time. Natalie Watson explores the historical backgr... (more)
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Natalie Velleacott
Natalie Vellacott worked in Sussex Police for almost a decade, during which time she investigated almost every type of crime from traffic offences, thefts and minor assaults to burglaries, rape and murder. These revealing and often humorous stories from the frontline of policing address the ques... (more)
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Natalie Williams & Martin Charlesworth
A practical tool for individual, churches, and small groups, and incorporating discussion questions and accompanying videos, A Call to Act demonstrates that, in order to engage with poverty and need, we must re-evaluate our own attitudes and adopt a poverty-busting lifestyle. There are undoubted cha... (more)
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Natasha Crain
Welcome to Your Place in a Worldview Minority In an increasingly secular society, your biblical worldview now places you in a shrinking minority at odds with the dominant culture. Your desire to be faithful to God’s Word will be met with increasing pressures on what you believe, how you think, and h... (more)
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More information on Bachelorette to Bride
Natasha Peto
Marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. It is one of the most blessed and exciting events in a woman’s life, but there is also a sense of entering the unknown. Becoming a wife can feel simultaneously feel like a great privilege and a tall order! This book has been written by a young bride,... (more)
More information on Samson and the Pirate Monks
Nate Larkin
With no-holds-barred honesty and poignant storytelling, Nate Larkin introduces a model of community and friendship that is reinvigorating men's ministry across the country, a model he calls The Samson Society. Too many men see the biblical hero Samson as their model for manhood--a rugged individuali... (more)
More information on Dare To Trust Choosing A Life Of Risk
Nathalie MacDermott
Discover the adventure that God gives in this challenging book of one woman's courage to trust God, and to go out into the world. It is a challenge to step out when God calls you, and an inspiration to read as you see that God is moving in the world in miraculous ways. Combining travelogue with te... (more)
More information on Reasons We Believe
Nathan Busenitz
Reasons We Believe confirms and strengthens your personal faith by demonstrating the reliability of both the Word of God and the person of Jesus Christ. Reasons then provides clear, concise, evangelistic tools to help you share that faith with others.
More information on Emerging Ministry - Being Church Today
Nathan C.P. Frambach
Curious about the world in which we live and informed by the emerging church conversation, Nathan Frambach asks, "What does it mean to be the church as we live - not as we think or remember or long for, but as we live God's mission today?" In response, the author suggests that being church today wil... (more)
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Nathan Jess
Nathan Jess returns with his brand new worship album Phoenix Nathan is a songwriter and worship leader based in Northern Ireland. Phoenix has some great congregational songs including a co-write with Matt Redman & a duet with Chris McClarney. ‘I write songs with the hope that someone somewhere can i... (more)
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