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Lang, J Stephen
Includes 1,500 questions and answers about the spirit world and how the Bible came to be written.
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Lang, J Stephen
Author J. Stephen Lang weaves the timeless truths of Scripture into this intriguing, deeply moving novel about one town's encounter with spiritual truth. When a mysterious stranger visits the people of the valley, their lives are changed forever. The Unknown Traveler helps them discover life-changin... (more)
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Lang, J Stephen
More than just another list of great Bible verses, The Complete Book of Bible Promises is the ideal resource for anyone who wants to know, in clear, concise terms, how the promises of the Bible relate to real life. Chapters cover a wide spectrum of subjects, from marriage and children to money, stre... (more)
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Langberg, Diane
On the Threshold of Hope offers hope and healing to men and women who have been traumatized by sexual abuse. Dr. Langberg's insights and the quotations from many survivors assure readers that they are not alone and that Christ, the Redeemer, can heal their deep wounds. Through stories, Scripture, qu... (more)
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Langberg, Diane
This powerful book deals with the issue of how Christians, especially those called to counsel, can help survivors of sexual abuse find healing and hope. From 20 years of experience, the author demonstrates how counselors can walk alongside people deeply wounded by sexual abuse as they face the truth... (more)
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Langham Arts
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Langston, Teres
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Lankshear, D