More information on Wild Child, Waiting Mom
Karilee Hayden
In this intensely personal and jolting book, Wendi Hayden English and her mother Karilee Hayden chronicle the story of Wendi's pursuit of "freedom" at all costs. For ten years, starting with getting pregnant at 16, Wendi turned away from the values and love she had learned in her solid Christian fam... (more)
More information on How to Pray with the Bible: The Ancient Prayer Form of Lectio Divina
Karl A Schultz
Praying with the Bible is an active dialogue with God through which we may be taught, healed, and transformed. It is God and the praying person communicating and offering themselves to each other. Learn an ancient prayer technique known as lectio divina -- a simple, natural rhythm of reading and ... (more)
More information on Growing Up Christian
Karl Graustein / Mark Jacobsen
Do you know teens that appeared to be Christians in high school, but later walked away from their faith? Young Christians that party on Saturday night and put on their Sunday best for church the next morning? High school students that are attracted to the values and practices of the world? This book... (more)
More information on Catholicism and Fundamentalism
Karl Keating
More information on Dancing Under the Red Star
Karl Tobien
Written by her son, this inspiring chronicle of faith, defiance, and personal triumph tells the unforgettable true story of Margaret Werner, the only American woman to survive Stalin's Gulag.
More information on One Of A Kind By God's Design
Karla Dornacher
You're not just one in a million; you're one of a kind! A delightful gift book, One of a Kind by God's Design affirms God's plan for each of His children to be completely and wonderfully unique. The book brims with charming images conjured up by thoughts of heart and home. Gardening tools, musical i... (more)
More information on Heaven Sent Baby: A Bundle of Blessings for the new Mom
Karla Dornacher
A mother's love is like no other. Every baby is a gift from above, lovingly placed into the open arms of an excited, and sometimes anxious, new mother. This book will be a perfect gift for every woman with a new baby or one on the way, no matter if it's her first or tenth, if she's married or sin... (more)
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Karla Downing