More information on Dying for Water
Sean McDonagh
Details the causes and consequences of an environmental problem which looks set to become a major crisis in the twenty-first century.
More information on Dying Thoughts
Richard Baxter
An exposition of Philippians 1:23 by one of the most outstanding pastors of the golden age of English Puritanism, dealing honestly with the doubts and fears that often assail a Christian facing the prospect of eternity, while also providing much needed counsel, strength and comfort. A devotional c... (more)
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O'Reilly, Patri
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Mcgrady, Andrew
More information on Dynamic Diversity
Bruce Milne
More information on Dynamics of Effective Leadership
Cyril Barber
God has not left believers in positions of leadership alone in their responsibilities. Through the example of one of history's greatest leaders, Nehemiah, we can apply God's principles of leadership. They work as effectively in today's dynamic business world as they did centuries ago. Cyri... (more)
More information on Dysciples
Krish Kandiah
The book examines the issue of dyscipleship as its revealed in Matthews gospel Krish has coined the term dysciples to describe those of us who feel dysfunctional in our following of Jesus. The good news is that dysfunctional discipleship is nothing new and nothing to be ashamed of. The very fi... (more)