More information on Young Earth, The
John Morris
More information on Young Man After God's Own Heart
Jim George
Jim George, author of A Man After Godís Own Heart (more than 74,000 copies sold), takes older teenagers on a radical journey of faith. Through Godís extreme wisdom and powerful insights from the life of warrior and leader King David, readers willó get on track with right priorities discover Godís am... (more)
More information on Young People As Prophets
Roger Sainsbury / Richard Bromley / Dave Wiles
Young people's voices very often say it like it is, are counter-cultural, fragile, and frequently ignored. As such they share many characteristics of the biblical prophets. From their wide experience of working with youth, the authors explore how young people have spoken prophetically in Scriptu... (more)
More information on Young Persons Guide To Knowing God
St John, Patric
This book was especially written by Patricia St John for all young people who want to learn about God and get to know Him for themselves. Every chapter deals with a basic Christian belief and tackles some of the most searching questions the author was asked, including: -- Who is God and what is he... (more)
More information on Young Person's Guide To Knowing God
St John, Patric
Strong foundations, moral values, biblical knowledge. They are all linked together. They are all things we want to see our kids go into life with. Today's life is a life of computers, instant information and the world wide web. Do you despair of trying to get your child to sit down and read a book? ... (more)
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Price; Barrett
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More information on Young, Restless, Reformed
Collin Hansen
More information on Young's Analytical Concordance To The Bible
Young, Robert
A standard Biblical concordance, Young's casts all words in the Bible into alphabetical order and arranges them under their respective original words. This helps the reader to analyze more accurately the various uses of the original Hebrew and Greek words. Includes over 300,000 Biblical refere... (more)