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R T Kendall
In Revelation Chapter 1 Jesus is described in a vision given to the Apostle John. We are only given sketchy information about what Jesus looked like in human form (from Isaiah), possibly something that God always intended so that we could focus on the image of Jesus given here. The description giv... (more)
More information on Vision of Thomas Merton: Essays in Honor of Robert E Daggy
P O'Connell (ed)
These essays by distinguished Merton scholars reveal Merton's diverse interests and talents, offering new insights into the complex and fascinating life of this spiritual leader. Readers will discover much to enrich their awareness of Merton and deepen their own spiritual lives.
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George Guiver CR
Examines Christian worship from the earliest years of the New Testament to the liquid modern world. Discounting any notion of an idealized vision of past which each generation seeks to recreate, this book shows that the nature of worship has always involved compromise with public life and has borrow... (more)
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H. A. Baker
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Wendy Alec
In Visions From Heaven, Wendy Alec, prophet and seer, recounts a series of extraordinary supernatural encounters with the Father following a season of deep, personal trauma. In a series of panoramic visions, the Father and Jesus take Wendy on an extraordinary journey.
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John Bunyan
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Barbara Calamari
The Virgin Mary inspires intense religious devotion throughout the Catholic world. In her 350 official incarnations-among them Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, and The Mother of Sorrows-Mary brings a feminine face to worship, and serves as a conduit for the redemption ... (more)