More information on Target Challenge (DVD)
Mary Moody
Six episodes (5-8 minutes each) from the early life of David from the original SU video David the shepherd king. The Target Challenge programme can run without the DVD but is enhanced by it. The titles on the DVD are: The shepherd boy Who will be king? Goliath The singer Friends Outl... (more)
More information on Target Europe
Roger Mitchell / Sue Mitchell
More information on Tasting Life: Daily Thoughts for Lent
Chris Morley
Christians have often found that practising the physical discipline of limiting what and when they eat also deepens their spiritual awareness of God. This book is designed to sensitise readers in a similar way, helping them to make God a daily reality and to enable a closer relationship with thei... (more)
More information on Taught By God: Teaching and Spritual Formation
Karen-Marie Yust / Byron Anderson
More information on TBN UK WE BELIEVE CD
This very special collection of songs have all featured on TBN UKs (Trinity Broadcast Networks) flagship music show, TBN PLAY. Each month millions of viewers have enjoyed the sound of worship through their TV with the primary aim of the television network to bring the love of Jesus into every home. ... (more)
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Sattgast; Elkin
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Kidd, Pennie
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Kidd , Pennie