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Reading is fun with the interactive Read Together series! The Read Together Bible for Young Readers is full of clever stories and humorous illustrations perfect for new and beginning readers. Just find a friend, choose your colour, and have fun! The Read Together Bible for Young Readers is desig... (more)
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More information on Read With Me: 365 Family Readings Giving an Overview of the Bible
Jean Stapleton
Read with Me takes the stories and teachings of the Bible from the beginning of the Old Testament through to the end of the New, explaining them in simple, direct language. These devotions are ideal for reading to children - each one bringing out truths and questions, answers and lessons - and wi... (more)
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John Blanchard
Have you recently become a Christian? Do you want to read and understand the Bible? Read Mark Learn divides the Gospel of Mark into forty-five daily readings with a page of notes on each passage providing simple, helpful introduction to Christ's life on earth. With 200,000 copies in print, this pop... (more)
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Tony Jones
If you want to know Jesus and what He’s all about, you’ve got to know how to do these four things––read, think, pray, live. It’s how your faith can grow. Lectio divina, or sacred reading, is a time-tested method used by believers to experience God in a personal and real way. Tailored for students,... (more)
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Stan Nussbaum
Presents David Bosch’s classic Transforming Mission–with over 50,000 copies in print and translations in eight languages–in an accessible format for beginning students and lay reading groups. Meticulously faithful to Bosch’s great work, Stan Nussbaum offers readers a companion to bring into relie... (more)