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Vincent, James
More information on Partnership Philippians
William Taylor
A book designed to help you teach the key themes of Philippians. The church at Philippi, in ancient Macedonia, is one of the model churches of the New Testament. Paul wrote of them in 2 Corinthians 8 that ‘in a severe test of affliction, their abundance of joy and their extreme poverty have overf... (more)
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Crutchley, Zoe
One of the increasingly popular ways to help children to celebrate their faith seems to be to hold theme parties. Such events can also be useful for making contact with unchurched children and their families. Whether you are interested in a one-off party or several of them as part of a series of wel... (more)
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Tim LaHaye / Beverly LaHaye
• Gives valuable insight into three important stages of life -- dating, marriage, and raising a family. • Explores four temperament types, compatibility, and why opposites usually attract. • How to transform marital conflicts into a loving, lifelong partnership • Offers time-tested and scriptural pr... (more)
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More information on Passages – Darien’s Rise (Adventures in Odyssey)
Paul McCusker
Passages, the legendary series from the creators of Adventures in Odyssey, lets kids enter a world where ancient history comes to life . . . and faith in God becomes the adventure of a lifetime! In book 1, Darien’s Rise, Anna and Kyle are transported to the mysterious land of Marus—and caught in t... (more)
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Foster, S Ewell
The characters that readers loved in Riding Through Shadows are at it again! Mother and Ma Dear, Tony Taylor, and others are back to make readers laugh and cry. Readers of this sequel will find troubling mysteries resolved: Does Sheri exist outside of Shirley Ferris' imagination? What was in Shirley... (more)
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David Adam
The book’s main theme is Jesus being led by the Spirit into the wilderness, his temptations, fasting and preparation for his ministry: the time when Jesus sought to be alone with his Father and look towards his work to come. Lent, David Adam explains, is a time to challenge us and for us to get into... (more)
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Alison Webster
An invitation to do Holy Week differently. Alison Webster looks at what really matters to us and how we can engage with God through eating, drinking, celebration and encounters with others. Contributions from Ann Morrisy, Stephen Cottrell, Tess Ward, Jo Ind, Leslie Griffiths and Brian Thorne. ... (more)
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Brian Simmons
The books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth recount the compelling journey of Israel's beginnings and awe-inspiring history. Watch God's people transition from wanderers to conquerors as told by The Passion Translation(R).
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