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Sheridan Voysey
Beautifully written and deeply poignant, The Making of Us allows readers to walk alongside author and radio personality Sheridan Voysey during a transformational moment in his life journey. Picking up where Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams Into New Beginnings left off, Sheridan helps us proc... (more)
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Gloria Gaither / Shirley Dobson
Make the most of family times with these ideas for growing closer while creating unforgettable experiences-together. Includes activities for holidays and other special occasions, creative ideas for making the most of vacation time, relationship-builders and reminiscences from the authors and their f... (more)
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Linda Mintle
Get your thighs off your mind and lose the lies that bind. Women of America, it's time to stop obsessing and start making peace with your thighs, your waist, and any other body part that leads you to feel inadequate. Everywhere we turn-magazines, movies, television-we are bombarded with image... (more)
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Lamb, Jonathan
More information on Making Room for Christmas: Preparing a Place for the Christ Child
Herbert Brokering
Borrowing the Latin American custom of Las Posadas, the readings join Mary and Joseph in their search for lodging at a different home each day: a house of memories, a house of silence, a nursing home, army barracks, an intensive care unit, an airport, a five-star hotel, a birthday party, a halfway h... (more)
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Guest, John