More information on Kindred Hearts
Evans, Debra
More information on King and His Kingdom: Matthew Simply Explained
John Legg
According to the Lord Jesus Christ, our first priority must be to seek the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). The aim of Matthew’s Gospel is to help the Christian to fulfil that duty. To do this, we must above all honour, trust and serve the King himself, Jesus Christ. This commentary must, therefore, b... (more)
More information on King Arthur's Ransom (Tales Out of Time)
Donna Vann
King Uther is dying. The Council of Elders must decide who will rule Caerleon. Why do they not see, it must be Arthur! The nation of Caerleon is in the midst of a power vacuum. Vibiana knows who should be king... but there are others who are out to snatch power for themselves. Arthur, Cai, Vibiana a... (more)
More information on King George and the Ducky - VeggieTales (DVD)
Bob is back! After being suspiciously absent from the last three VeggieTales videos, Bob the Tomato is back with his loony sidekick, Larry the Cucumber. First, Jerry and Jimmy Gourd take their turn in creating a tale of selfishness, titled "The Englishman Who Went Up the Hill (And Came Down with All... (more)
More information on King is Among Us: Why Jesus' Ascention Matters
Roy Lawrence
This is an intriguing book! The ascension of Jesus is a vital truth, but one largely neglected by Christians. What does it mean for us to say that he is Lord? He is present with us by his Spirit; He empowers us, and sends us out; He is coming again to take us home; Written in an accessible, easy-to-... (more)
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1. All The Way 2. August 30th 3. Deeper 4. Hands Of Kindness 5. History Maker 6. King Of Fools 7. King Or Cripple 8. Promise 9. Revival Town 10. Sanctify 11. What A Friend 12. White Ribbon Day 13. Chord Charts
More information on King of Glory King of Grief (CD)
Marc James
Track Listing: 01 Wake Up 02 Abba Father 03 Help Me to Find 04 Sacred King 05 King of Grief 06 I Will Praise You 07 Ancient Wells 08 Thank You 09 Let the Power of the Gospel 10 No Shame 11 At Your Feet 12 Tend to Me
More information on King Of God's Kingdom, The
David Seddombe
The King Of God's Kingdom addresses the problems raised by biblical scholarship concerning the man Jesus and his mission. Much of Jesus' ministry remains a mystery; many of the things he said and did, do not fit neatly into traditional Christian interpretation. He spoke of the coming of the kingdom ... (more)