More information on Faith Is - Mini Edition
Reeve, Pamela
More information on Faith Is...
Reeve, Pamela
More information on Faith Journey Through Fantasy Lands
Russell Dalton
Guides readers through three contemporary fantasy realms, illuminating them with the light from the Christian faith journey. Ideal for individual or group use.
More information on Faith Lacking Understanding
Randal Rauser
A wonderfully stimulating and accessible exploration of the mysteries that remain at the heart of even the most basic Christian doctrines. In an attempt to put mystery back at the heart of Christian theology, Rauser leads the reader on a riveting and, at times, unsettling journey through the majo... (more)
More information on Faith Like Potatoes
Angus Buchan
More information on Faith Map Year C
Covering every possible Sunday in Year C, Faith Map is designed to be used, as a whole or in sections by anyone involved in children's liturgies, Sunday school, primary school assemblies or by parents at home. Contains stories, prayers and activities in a 'ready-to-use format' and includes photoc... (more)