More information on Ecclesiastes and The Song of Songs (Apollos Old Testament Com)
Daniel C. Fredericks / Daniel J. Estes
More information on Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (Holman Old Testament Commentary #14)
Max Anders / David George Moore / Daniel L Akin
Solomon, tenth son of David and third king of Israel, had a reputation for great wisdom. His name is associated with many of the Proverbs, and he is considered to be the author of Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs. Duane Garrett has characterized Ecclesiastes as the Bible's "resident alien." Many p... (more)
More information on Ecclesiastes/Song Of Solomon (Shepherd's Notes)
Duane A Garrett / David R Shepherd
More information on Ecclesiastes: Edwj Exploring The Bi
Until we are convinced as the writer of Ecclesiastes that life outside God is meaningless, our spiritual growth will be stunted. Selwyn Hughes leads us through a devotional study of this challenging book. Gain practical advice for everyday life Discover the advantages and benefits of wisdom Focus yo... (more)
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Van Der Ven, Jo
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Andrew McDonough
In the world of mountaineering three names tower above all others: Errol, Emma and Edith. They are the Echidnas on Everest. If you believe in teamwork, but your team mates are a prickly bunch then read this mountaineering classic. Remember, if you're going to succeed you must stick together. This ... (more)
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Francine Rivers
This classic series has inspired over half a million readers. Both loyal fans and new readers will want the 10th anniversary editions of this beloved series. These editions include a new foreword from the publisher, a new preface from Francine Rivers, and discussion questions suitable for personal a... (more)