More information on Can a Christian Influence Politics?
Roy Herron
What does it mean to be a Christ follower in the political arena? Roy Herron, a Tennessee senator, gives us an insider's look into his personal struggles and victories in politics. This is an excellent resource to help assess our responsibility as Christians to our nation.
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David Pytches
If the greatest crisis in the world today is a crisis of leadership, the greatest crisis in leadership is a crisis of character. God is choosing leaders for the future who may well not be the kind of people the Church has been accustomed to regard as potential leadership material. H... (more)
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Ian Osborn
A psychiatrist explores how the Christian faith can play an important part in bringing relief to OCD sufferers.
More information on Can Evangelicals Learn from World Religions?
G McDermott
Addresses the question of whether God reveals himself at all in religions apart from Christianity. The book argues that evangelicals can understand Christianity better from the partial but genuine revelations of God in non-Christian religion. Gerald McDermott is Associate Professor of Religion an... (more)
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Van Dijk, Kay
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Selwyn Hughes
This series from Selwyn Hughes offers intelligent, honest perspectives on life, faith and God for those in search of answers to life?s big questions. 'Is happiness really possible?' 'Why won't the pain go away?' 'Doesn't death end it all?' and what is the answer?' Here are clear answers to pivotal ... (more)
More information on Can I Really Know God
Selwyn Hughes
Can it be possible to know God? To not only accept the existence of a divine Creator, but to experience an intimate relationship, as with a trusted friend? Millions of people would say "yes", and they are so sure of their faith that it cannot be shaken. This book helps those living with questions ab... (more)