More information on Baptism in the Early Church
Prof H F Stander / Prof J P Louw
Two highly regarded patristics scholars have put together a sourcebook compiled from early church writings, tombstone inscriptions, and art so readers can see what the actual practices were. Argues that believer's baptism was the central rite, with infant baptism a much later development. 192 pages,... (more)
More information on Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Kenneth Hagin
More information on Baptism: Archaelogical Historical Biblical
F M Buhler
In the modern English-speaking world, it was the Baptists who were the first to rediscover the biblical position on baptism, namely, that the Scriptures sanction the baptism of believers only. Since the emergence of the Baptist testimony in the British Isles in the seventeenth century, Baptists have... (more)
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O'Driscoll, Herbert
More information on Baptism: Three Views
David F. Wright
In "Baptism: Three Views, " editor David F. Wright has provided a forum for thoughtful proponents of three principal evangelical views on baptism to state their case, respond to the others, and then provide a summary response and statement. Sinclair Ferguson sets out the case for infant baptism, Bru... (more)