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Haidle, Helen
That God created the earth and all its creatures is a cornerstone truth of the Christian faith. In this sumptuous, bursting-with-color picture book, the glorious abundance of God's work is celebrated with wonder and joy. The original art by David Haidle, drenched in exuberant color and intricate det... (more)
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Haidle, Helen
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Haidle, Helen
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Hailes Perillo
Chrissy Perillo, who lives and works in the Philippines, has an amazing story that echoes the ministry of Jackie Pullinger -- a young and inexperienced girl, filled with the Holy Spirit and being used to bring some of the most violent and needy people into the kingdom of God.
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Hal Edward Runkel
ScreamFree Parenting compels parents to focus on staying both calm and connected to their children. Doing so enables them to begin to operate less out of their deepest fears and more out of their highest principles, revolutionizing relationships in the process.
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Haldane, Alewan
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Haldane, Robert