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Baptist Union of GB
New Edition Coming shortly hopefully by end of May 2019. Although not a denomination with a liturgical tradition, the Baptist Church does have a considerable number of service for which some set form of words is needed - holy communion, weddings and funerals, obviously, but also thanksgiving and de... (more)
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Bara van Belt / Anja A de Fluiter
More information on Holy Cards
Barabara Calamari / Sandra DiPasqua
Holy cards offer comfort, consolation, and encouragement to Catholics, who often carry these portable images of their favorite saints with them and use them in daily religious ritual. Given as remembrances at wakes and funerals, communions and confirmations, holy cards are also a widely popular-and ... (more)
More information on No Easy Answers: Living With Suffering
Barbara Baisley
This book uses a thematic approach to explore the problem of suffering and examines the questions of blame and guilt, death, healing and the place of the cross, prayer, meaning and acceptance.
More information on When Someone You Love Has Depression
Barbara Baker
This work describes the causes, symptoms and treatment of depression and goes into detail about the difficulties of caring for someone who is depressed. It explores how depression affects relationships and the emotions of carers.
More information on Grace on the Go: 101 Quick Ways to Pray
Barbara Bartocci
These days, everyone seems to race through the day multi-tasking at breakneck speed, with no time for quiet prayer. Author Barbara Bartocci was frustrated by this fact—until she realized an important truth: Every single task is potentially holy if we do it with a holy intent. And that’s the premise ... (more)
More information on Meditation in Motion: Exercise Your Body and Soul at the Same Time
Barbara Bartocci
Both physical fitness and spiritual development are popular topics today. This book puts the two together with 48 stories about real people who discovered, often by chance, a connection between their physical activity and their spiritual awareness. The stories are about ordinary people of all ages, ... (more)
More information on Windows into the World Church
Barbara Butler
Windows into the World Church offers Western Christians challenging and eye-opening insights into the struggles and faithfulness of their fellow Christians in the developing world. Barbara Butler's own experience as Executive Secretary of Christians Aware and her many visits to the situations she... (more)
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Barbara Calamari
The Virgin Mary inspires intense religious devotion throughout the Catholic world. In her 350 official incarnations-among them Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, and The Mother of Sorrows-Mary brings a feminine face to worship, and serves as a conduit for the redemption ... (more)
More information on Patron Saints: A Feast of Holy Cards
Barbara Calamari / Sandra Di Pasqua
In the tradition of Abrams' successful "Holy Cards and Saints: A Year in Faith and Art", comes "Patron Saints: A Feast of Holy Cards". From the thousands of Catholic Saints, authors Calamari and Di Pasqua have chosen more than 120 who are beautifully portrayed in rare antique holy cards, and whose p... (more)