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More information on Between God and Me
Vicki Courtney
Favorite author Courtney shares timeless truths with your tween girls---in a language they can understand! Between the covers of this Biblezine they'll find glossy photos, colorful Q & A's, and chapter-by-chapter wisdom from the Book of Proverbs about friends, laziness, gossip, anger---and thinking ... (more)
More information on Friends without Benefits: What Teens Need to Know about Sex
Ron Luce
Teens today face a bombardment of the glorification of promiscuous sex from every side. Youth minister Luce encourages teens to pursue purity while still sharing the facts about sex that they need to hear.
More information on The Soul of Spider-Man
Jeff Dunn / Adam Palmer
Inspired by three of the biggest box-office smashes of all time, The Soul of Spider- Man zooms in beyond the special effects and big stars to some surprising spiritual lessons you can learn from the Spider-Man films. Each of the movies is a powerhouse of truth about life, love, good, evil, revenge, ... (more)
More information on What Now?
Dan Etheridge
From Soul Survivor comes this guide to becoming a Christian, packed with advice on what being a Christian means and how to start living God's life! Ideal for young people aged 14 and above starting out on their life with Christ.
More information on The Grad's Guide to Time with God
The Navigators
Develop a deeper relationship with God by spending 7-minutes a day with Him. The Grad's Guide to Time with God was written by students for students to encourage you in your prayer life without being too heavy or too fluffy. Scripturally focused and easy to read, this 10-week devotional is just right... (more)
More information on The Grad's Guide to Choosing Well
The Navigators
Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . grads are faced with a raft of them after they leave school. From surviving a sex-saturated wilderness to practicing integrity, from untangling the mysteries of money to discovering true identity in Christ, this biblically focused guide will give young adults th... (more)
More information on Chasing the Dragon (Manga)
Jackie Pullinger / Andrew Quicke
The incredible true story of a young British woman's struggle against the darkness of Hong Kong's Triads and drug dens - Re-told for the first time as a cutting-edge Manga graphic novel!
More information on Be Live Pray: Get in Touch with a Great Prayer Life
Becca Dean
"Be Live Pray" is a prayer book for 14 to 18s, but it is much more than that. As well as helping young people explore what prayer is, the book is full of prayer activities for the young people to try out, alone or as a group. The book will challenge the reader to think more about their own prayer li... (more)