More information on The Path Not Chosen: Beginning the Journey of Loss and Bereavement
Wendy Bray
The Path Not Chosen, an attractive booklet that can be given to those just bereaved, offering comfort as they make their way along the grief pathway with hope and dignity.
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Wendy Bray
Suitable for the bereaved, this book outlines and explains subjects such as being kind to yourself, facing everyday life and the process of grief, with understanding and sensitivity.
More information on Beyond the Valley
Dave Branon
Life is hard. Every Christian, no matter how rich or poor, how mature or young in the faith, faces difficulties that make him or her wonder where God is. Writer Dave Branon began to walk life’s difficult valley in 2002 when his 17-year-old daughter Melissa died in a car accident. This book grows out... (more)
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J. Rees Larcombe
More information on Too Soon to Say Goodbye
Every 16 minutes somebody in the United States chooses death by self-murder! Uniquely affected by suicide themselves, the authors explore its aftermath; address difficult questions; reaffirm God's love, compassion, and healing in times of sorrow; and offer encouragement to those considering suicide ... (more)
More information on Empty Arms
Keren Baker
It is hard to imagine any greater pain than that of losing a little child. It is like an amputation, so that though one may learn to live with the loss, the parent is never the same again. In the English language we have a word for those who have lost their parents: an orphan. We have a word for tho... (more)
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Richard Exley
A tender and compassionate compendium on grief, written as a series of letters between a pastor and a parishioner he seeks to comfort.
More information on More than an Aspirin: A Christian Perspective on Pain and Suffering
Gay Hubbard
Life inevitably brings loss and pain. While it is possible to live through these times in redemptive ways, this requires effort and conscious choice at a time when energy and motivation are in short supply and faith is often besieged by doubt. Drawing from her own life and many years of counselin... (more)