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Julia Morgan
Many men and women struggle to come to terms with the thought, or the reality, of singleness. Until it is viewed as an equally viable lifestyle to marriage, singles will continue to feel marginalised. One - Living the Single Life outlines Julia Morgan's own journey as a single person, but also e... (more)
More information on The Five Love Languages - Singles Edition
Gary Chapman
Being single or married has nothing to do with whether you need to feel loved! Everyone has a God-given desire for complete and unconditional love in all relationships. Originally written for couples, bestselling The Five Love Languages continues to revolutionize relationships. In The Five Love L... (more)
More information on Singleness Redefined: Living Life to the Fullest
Carolyn Leutwiler
Singleness Redefined provides the single woman with a refreshing reminder of the sovereignty of God, even in singleness. In this book, lies and discouragements of life are measured against God's truths and promises. Drawing from personal anecdotes as well as a wide range of materials, Carolyn Leutwi... (more)
More information on With One Voice
Chediak, ALex / Chediak, Marni
Are you looking for a certain kind of person or are you becoming one? The process of romance for unmarried Christians is about as complicated for singles today as it has ever been, perhaps even more so as behaviour is no longer restrained by peer-pressure inside and outside the church. Christi... (more)
More information on Every Single Woman's Battle: Guarding Your Heart and Mind Against...
Shannon Ethridge
This companion guide for Every Woman's Battle, designed specifically for single women, will give you the tools you need to resist temptation and help you discover true fullfillment. Each weekly study section guides you deeper into God's Word, then helps you personalize and apply the principles that ... (more)
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Christopher L Burge / Pamela Toussaint
Using wit, straight talk, and real-life illustrations, His Rules explores relationship guidelines singles can follow as they seek out lifelong love. These no-nonsense relationship rules will equip you to get closer to God, challenge you to clean up your act in preparation for a mate, and give you th... (more)
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Al Hsu
More information on Moments for Singles
Leigh McLeroy
As a single, you know all about the "marriage penalty"--and it has nothing to do with taxes. Well-meaning but misguided advice, feeling left out, the nagging questions and doubt, make it seem like there's a penalty for not being married. Being single--especially as a Christian--brings with it a wh... (more)
More information on God's Gift to Women- Discovering the Lost Greatness of Masculinity
Eric Ludy
In a culture that exalts the caveman-like qualities of masculinity, most women have stopped expecting anything more. Young men are taught to view women as slaves to their self-centered desires. More than ever, men need to know that they can rise above this sad mediocrity. They desperately need someo... (more)
More information on Single And Loving It! Living Life to the Fullest
Kate Mcveigh
Enjoying life and succeeding in the call of God as a single.