More information on Fire From Heaven: Times of Extraordinary Revival
Paul E.G. Cook
This work has a history. Since giving a paper on ‘The Forgotten Revival' at the Westminster Conference in 1984, and subsequently a number of addresses in various places on different aspects of that revival movement, friends have urged me to write up the material in book form to ensure a more perman... (more)
More information on Glory in the Glen: A History of Evangelical Awakenings in Scotland
Tom Lennie
No nation on earth has a richer, more colourful, and more long-standing heritage of evangelical awakenings than Scotland - yet most people are unfamiliar with its dramatic legacy. Most historical studies stop at, or before, the Moody & Sankey Revival of 1873-74. It is commonly assumed that very few ... (more)
More information on Transforming Church: Bringing Out the Good to Get to Great
Kevin Ford
Using the story of five churches wrestling with change and searching for genuine growth in their ministry, The Transforming Church identifies the five dysfunctions of an unhealthy church and the five characteristics of a growing, healthy congregation. Hopeful and encouraging in tone, Kevin Ford will... (more)
More information on Christian, Israel And The Hope Of World Revival
Michael Eaton
The author leads us through this teaching in a simple down-to-earth manner. He describes the book as one little section of his teaching on 'eschatology' or 'the doctrine of the future'. These chapters are about how Israel, although presently in a state of unbelief, has a place in God's redemptive pl... (more)
More information on People Of the Book, The
Jeremy Morris
How the shape of the Church, today and in the future, is formed and renewed in revivals.
More information on Praying Together for True Revival
Jonathan Edwards
Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Prayer. Conditions in the church and society today add urgency to Jonathan Edwards's appeal to Christians to unite in prayer "for those great effusions of the Holy Spirit" which advance God's kingdom. This book makes accessible Edwards's classic treatise on... (more)
More information on From Death Into Life
William Haslam
Rev. William Haslam, Anglican Priest, begins his ministry in Cornwall, England in the 1840s. He does not realize he is not a genuinely converted Christian, but the people in his parish church do. After many prayers and many struggles, the Rev. Mr. Haslma is converted while preaching to his own congr... (more)
More information on Forgotten Heroes of Rivival
Tim Shenton
George Thomson, James Rouquet, Captain Jonathan Scott, David Simpson and Thomas Pentycross had a deep love for Jesus Christ and for the souls of their listeners which enabled them to stand strong through the storms of persecution and to preach a message that didnt only address the mind with truth, b... (more)
More information on Revival: Times of Refreshing
Selwyn Hughes
Has God got something bigger in His heart for us than we are seeing at present? Is it revival? What is revival? When does it come and what is its purpose? In this book Selwyn Hughes explores what revival really is -- and isn't. He looks at past revivals to examine how we, and the Church as a whol... (more)
More information on Sounds From Heaven: Revival on the Isle of Lewis 1949-1952
Colin Peckham
SOUNDS FROM HEAVEN recounts the story of the Revival on the Scottish Isle of Lewis in the 1940s. A fascinating blend of history, biography and testimony, it includes eyewitness accounts from Duncan Campbell and Mary Peckham. From Christian Focus.