More information on Love Must Be Tough
Dr.James Dobson
his book is addressed squarely to the phenomenon of disrespect in marital relationships, describing its role in the gradual drift toward divorce for millions of couples. Specifically, the author examines the most devastating conflicts occurring between husbands and wives -- infidelity, alcoholism, w... (more)
More information on The Virgin Monologues
Carrie Lloyd
As a Christian girl in the twenty-first century, is purity still relevant? How can you do healthy relationships while you are single? Why does Mr Potential never reach his potential? Is the fear of singledom making you settle for second-rate? And why are so many Christians so Christ-less in their ap... (more)
More information on From Buddha to Jesus: An Insiders view of Buddhism and Christianity
Steve Cioccolanti
This book helps Christians to understand the Buddhist mind-set and world view, and to see where there are useful points of comparison and contact. Steve explains the concerns, fears and stresses that Buddhists experience - Buddhism is not a way of harmony and cosmic unity, as Westerners tend to thin... (more)
More information on Beyond Beards and Burqas
Martin Goldsmith
More information on Christian's Pocket Guide to Buddhism
Alex Smith / OMF International
Buddhism has existed for over 2,500 years. Like Christianity it has faced persecution. While it started as mainly an Asian religion it is now beginning to see considerable growth in the west with it being the fastest growing religion in Australia and has two thousand temples in the USA. If you co... (more)
More information on Islam & Christianity
James F. Gauss
The media bombards us daily with disturbing images and reports related to terrorist threats from radical, fundamentalist Islamists. Is Islam a peaceful religion or a seedbed for terrorism? What are the differences between Christianity an Islam? What does the Koran teach? How closely related are the ... (more)
More information on What About Other Faiths?
Martin Goldsmith
A fully updated version of Martin Goldsmith's bestseller - looking at questions that are more relevant than ever
More information on A Muslim's Heart: What Every Christian Needs to Know to Share Christ w
Edward J Hoskins
This practical guide will help you understand Muslim culture and how to share Christ within that context.
More information on Religions (Eyewitness Companions)
Philip Wilkinson
This book contains everything you want to know about the world's religions: from beliefs and ceremonies to gods and sacred texts. From Hinduism to Zoroastrianism take an in-depth look at all the major global religions, past and present. Discover how each religion started, exploring their origins and... (more)
More information on How is Christianity Different from Other Religions?
John Ankerberg / Dillon Burroughs
Is Jesus "the way" or only one of many ways to God? Does God reject the millions of people who follow other religious traditions? Are followers of many of today's religions really talking to the same God and teaching the same basic beliefs? In this series of discussions, you'll examine what some of ... (more)