More information on Preaching as Worship
Michael J. Quicke
Veteran preacher Michael Quicke argues that preaching should be viewed as worship, as both worship and preaching belong within the same Trinitarian dynamic, serving the same purpose and marked by similar characteristics.
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More information on Light and Heat: The Puritan View of the Pulpit
Dr R. Bruce Bickel
The unique and supernatural nature of preaching.
More information on Can Words Express our Wonder? Preaching in the Church Today
Rosalind Brown
Can Words Express Our Wonder? is written to help preachers recognizse and put to use the rich array of gifts and resources they have been given for the exercise of this ministry, whether week by week with a local congregation, as an occasional or supply preacher, or at critical times in people's liv... (more)
More information on Preach for a Year #1
Roger Campbell
Just what a busy pastor needs. Campbell, a celebrated Bible conference speaker, has compiled simple outlines for 104 sermons (two for each Sunday of the year!). Part one focuses on attention-grabbers; part two on alliterative approaches to exposition; part three on practical application and devotion... (more)
More information on The Inspirational Speaker's Resource: Tools for Reaching Your Audience
Stan Toler
This resource is a gold mine for those who find themselves speaking, making a presentation for school, leading a class at church, or introducing a public event. Toler shares his own proven methods as well as tips gathered from fellow speakers.
More information on The Incarnation in the Gospels
Richard D Phillips / Philip F Ryken / Daniel M Doriani
This seasonal addition to the Reformed Expository Commentary series presents twelve biblically and theologically grounded Christmas messages, as the authors explore the canonical teaching on the birth of jesus Christ in the gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John As a sample of the exposition found in... (more)
More information on The Gospel Ministry
Thomas Foxcroft
In this book, Foxcroft exhorts ministries to make Christ the focal point of their preaching. He shows the importance of character in ministry., calling for pastors to be wise and prudent in every aspect of their lives
More information on What Is Biblical Preaching?
Eric J Alexander
Is a preaching-centered ministry truly useful in today's society? Alexander argues through this booklet that biblical, expository preaching is as central to any church's acivity as Scripture is to its life, and explains why a focus on such preaching is more important than ever. Divided into eight ma... (more)