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The text Bible reimagined. The new NLT Premium Value Thinline Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition has readable text, an attractive layout, and an affordable price in a thin, easy-to-carry size. And while it has the same low price of basic text Bibles, the NLT Thinline Reference offers much more. It not ... (more)
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The THRIVE Creative Journaling Devotional Bible is for every woman who wants to know God more deeply and follow Him more closely. God’s design for His children is that they live flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives in Christ. Bestselling author and beloved conference speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd... (more)
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Trusted & Treasured by Millions of Readers over 30 years, the Life Application® Study Bible Is Today’s #1–Selling Study Bible Now it has been thoroughly updated and expanded, offering even more relevant insights for understanding and applying God’s Word to everyday life in today’s world. Discover Ho... (more)
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The Bible for every battle every man faces! Men face different challenges than women, and it is important for men to have a deep understanding of the Holy Scriptures to better understand God’s general plan for masculinity as well as the special and unique role God has for men. The Every Man’s Bible ... (more)
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This Large Print Compact edition of the New Living Translation makes it easy for readers to carry God’s Word wherever they go. Attractive Black/Onyx LeatherLike cover. Includes a presentation page, “Where can I find it?” index, Dictionary/Concordance, and a list of great stories of the Bible. Fe... (more)
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Available in both the New Living Translation and New International Version, The One Year Bible helps people read through the entire Bible in as little as 20 minutes a day with daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.
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Millions of people each year want to know how to find God. Many have been searching for him all their life. Those who read this Bible and continue to follow its instructions will find God. Experience the Living Water of God’s Word and find an oasis of spiritual refreshment in your life. Like a refre... (more)
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You’re holding the Holy Bible, New Living Translation. An authoritative Bible translation, rendered faithfully into today’s English from the ancient texts by 90 leading Bible scholars. The NLT’s scholarship and clarity breathe life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages—but even m... (more)
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This special edition Operation Worship Bible includes lined note pages at the front for a message of encouragement, warm words of thanks and support from retired Army Chaplain Steven R. Young, a brief introduction to the Bible for those who are encountering its truth for the first time, a topical re... (more)
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Last year, stores within The Association for Christian Retail accepted the challenge of sending 100,000 Bibles in 100 days to men and women in uniform. The goal was reached threefold, and this year, the goal is 500,000 Bibles by Dec. 31. Just like last year, you can write a personal message to one o... (more)