More information on A Vision for Mission
Daniel Grimwade
This book is written by Daniel Grimwade with Daniel Webber and Jonathan Bayes The true author of all missionary activity is the Triune God. He has always been more concerned about this work than we could ever be. Therefore, mission work should be seen, first and foremost, as his work, not ours. ... (more)
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Mark L. Russell
Business as mission (BAM), an emerging concept and developing ministry, has drawn fascination in missions and business circles. BAM embodies the practice of using business strategically accomplishing missional purposes. Though the term is ubiquitous in mission circles, there is disparity between its... (more)
More information on Intentional Ministry in a Not-So-Mega Church: Becoming a Missional Com
Dennis Bickers
Change is rapidly occurring in almost every area of our society. However, the one notable exception to this is often found in the church, especially in smaller churches. Instead of responding to the changes around them, these churches have adopted a maintenance mentality, which is primarily interest... (more)
More information on ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church
Michael Frost / Alan Hirsch
ReJesus asks the following questions: • What ongoing role does Jesus the Messiah play in shaping the ethos and self understanding of the movement that originated in him? • How is the Christian religion informed and shaped by the Jesus that we meet in the Gospels? • How do we assess the continui... (more)
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David Waite
Christian Believers in the West Tell How They Have Suffered for Their Faith in Jesus.
More information on A Year In China
Vincent Sack / Jon Perrywell
A true story of faith in action in a Chinese university. Jon has arrived in China to teach English for one year and this book tells of his struggles to settle into an unfamiliar culture where he is rendered illiterate and unable to communicate. His students range from poor children of peasa... (more)
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Ian M. Randall
The history of the mission agency Operation Mobilisation 'Spiritual Revolution' tells the story of 50 years of Operation Mobilisation (OM); from the conversion of George Verwer, the founder and then International Director of the movement through to becoming one of the largest mission agencies i... (more)