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Patrick Morley
he Man in the Mirror has helped over three million men to better understand the person who stares back at them in the mirror each morning. This powerful book invites men to take a probing look at their identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament and integrity and take the first step towar... (more)
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Xan Hood
By the time he graduated college, Xan Hood appeared to have everything a young, privileged modern male needed for success and adulthood. But like so many others his age, he was afraid to take that next step. So he took a slight detour and headed west, surrounding himself wtih a class of men he ha... (more)
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Brad Lincoln
More information on The Daily Male Vol.2
Nick Battle
The Daily Male Volume 2: The Lunchtime Edition is a second helping of wit and wisdom from songwriter and author Nick Battle. In The Daily Male Volume 2 Nick explores a wide variety of blokey issues such as parenthood, pubs, grace, motor biking, prayer, mothers, hairiness, buggies, Christmas and ... (more)
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When men are away from home, the temptation to break their marriage covenant increases with free time. Focusing upon words of faith creates a powerful barrier to overcome the messages of today's culture by helping men guard their thoughts and keep their commitments.
More information on When Good Men Get Angry
Bill Perkins
Be honest, guys: Have you ever made a foolish or harmful decision when angry? Have you ever said or done something in the heat of the moment that you wish you could take back? Or do you tend to keep your anger hidden, choosing to bury the feeling and hoping it just goes away? No matter how often you... (more)
More information on Battle Ready: Prepare to Be Used by God (Bold Men of God)
Steve Farrar
In this second book in the Bold Man of God series, best-selling author Steve Farrar examines the lives of Joshua and Caleb, and shares how men today can be ready for any battle. There is a kind of man God uses. He stands tall in the face of giants. He strives to honor God through his life.... (more)
More information on God Built: Bold Men of God Series - Joseph
Steve Farrar
Shaped by God... in the Bad and Good of Life. Our world is in desperate need of bold, passionate men of integrity. But such men aren’t born; they’re built, shaped and formed by God, like a metal worker carefully guiding a piece of rough sheet metal over an English wheel, seamlessly forming the sm... (more)
More information on Cut to the Chase: Visual Edition
Lee Jackson / Baz Gascoyne
This is a totally remixed version of Lee and Baz's grounbreaking men's book 'Cut to the Chase'. With extra content and pioneering design by Lloyd Kinsley, it brings their best-selling book alive to visual readers, non-book blokes or to those who just need a quick reference guide to being a better b... (more)
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Douglas Bond
Fathers & Sons is a two-volume series containing 48 readings. These books allow over a year of close fellowship between father and son, with the goal of leading sons toward Christian manhood. Taking serious issues seriously, yet promoting a joyful life of enjoying the pleasures of God, these books... (more)