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Landau Christopher
Every church has its disagreements. But why do they so easily turn toxic? Loving disagreement is the problem – Christians have become too relaxed about the way disagreements destroy unity and undermine mission. Loving disagreement is also the solution – because if Christians can learn to love ... (more)
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Ryan McGraw
This summary of every chapter of the Bible will help readers understand its overall story. The Bible is a big book and getting to know it can be a daunting task. Ryan McGraw helps readers become more familiar with the storyline of the Bible, through summarizing the content of every chapter in Script... (more)
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Tyler Staton
Do you ever find yourself thinking, 'I'm not enough, and I'm never going to be. And I know I'm not supposed to say this, but God's not enough for me either.' Whether or not we attend church, deep down we wonder if the biblical story of faith is really enough for the complexity of the world in whi... (more)
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Tim Keller
In his new book, renowned pastor and author Timothy Keller grapples with this thorny question: why we should forgive those who hurt us. It is the heart of the gospel, but it’s not solely important on a religious level; the matter of forgiveness has a huge impact on social and cultural levels, in ter... (more)
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Max Lucado
Bills pile up. Savings accounts go down. Marriages go south. Pandemics rage. Work goes off the rails. Stress goes off the charts. Suddenly, you feel powerless to calm life's chaos. It's all too much to take on by yourself. But pastor and bestselling author Max Lucado has great news for you--Help Is ... (more)
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Amanda Pittman
Culture, church, and life have sold us narratives about who we’re supposed to be as women. If we play the part well, we gain love, acceptance, validation, and significance. When we don’t know which role to play from one day to the next, we sink in insecurity. We feel driven to people-please, downpla... (more)
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Roger Carswell
What do a teenager, a journalist, and a German reformer all have in common? Like so many others they have heard the original, authoritative words of Jesus. Author Roger Carswell was a teenager when he was introduced to Jesus by his uncle after a game of tennis. Who is Jesus? introduces you to thi... (more)
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Richard Reddie & Others
In 2020 Britain marks the 25th anniversary of Racial Justice Sunday. This movement was established at a time when the UK was having to face up to both overt and subversive forms of racism, characterised by the tragic killing of black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, in Eltham in 1993. This murder, and... (more)
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Rowena Cross
‘Reading this was a bit like a ride in a funfair. Entertaining, challenging, encouraging and so faith building.’ Mark Meluish, Senior Pastor, St Pauls Ealing ‘This book is infectious, life-transforming and filled with stories of the goodness & mercy of God that will make you laugh, and a few tha... (more)
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Mark Sayers
For much of recent history individuals and institutions could plan, execute, and flourish with their visions of a better world. Volatile, complex forces could be addressed and confronted with planning and management. But crisis is a great revealer. It knocks us off our thrones. It uncovers the weakn... (more)
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