More information on The Wrong Messiah
Nick Page
More information on Why Jesus Died
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More information on Exploring the Life of Jesus
Roger Ellsworth
There are times when doubting, fears, and even despair, seem to encompass us, causing us to doubt our faith in Jesus Christ. This excellent examination of the life of Jesus, as related in the four Gospels, shows or simply reminds us who he was, why he came, why he died, and his purpose, before, d... (more)
More information on Who Is This Jesus?
E. M. Hicham
Without doubt the key figure of human history is Jesus. If you live in the western world the date written on the currency in your pocket and on today's newspaper has been fixed with reference to his birth. Jesus never wrote a book or song yet more books and songs have been written about him than abo... (more)
More information on The Seven Signs: Seeing the Glory of Christ in the Gospel of John
Anthony T. Selvaggio
A major component of Jesus' ministry on earth was the performance of signs and wonders. In this book, Anthony T. Selvaggio uses the seven signs given in the first half of the Gospel of John to navigate us toward a glorious destination. This journey begins at a wedding and ends at a funeral. Throu... (more)
More information on Raised with Christ; How the Resurrection Changes Everything
Adrian Warnock
What impact should Jesus' resurrection have on individuals and churches? Popular Christian blogger and teacher Adrian Warnock urges Christians not to neglect the implications of the resurrection. Jesus truly is alive today. But compared to his atoning death, Jesus' resurrection sparks relatively ... (more)
More information on The Historical Jesus of the Gospels
Craig S. Keener
Known as an expert in ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman sources relating to the New Testament, Keener argues. In The Historical Jesus of the Gospels that the picture of Jesus presented in the Synoptic Gospels is far more plausible than many scholars give them credit for, and that the picture they paint... (more)
More information on Atonement
Thomas Torrance
More information on Cross Examined: The Challenge of Christ's Death and Resurrection
John Cox
The Crucified and Resurrection Christ are icons, objects of worship and veneration, and our understanding of them cannot be separated from their place in scripture, liturgy and devotion. In them we find Christ looking at us, disturbing us with questions which confront us, out institutions, relations... (more)