More information on Spirit Led Evangelism
Ella Onakoya
Powerful stories and Insights for everyone wishing to bring God's love & light to a hurting world.
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John Wimber
More information on NetCasters
Craig von Buseck
Like the industrial age before it, the information age has changed our lives in monumental new ways. Research suggests fifty million people will rely solely on the Internet for their faith-based experiences in 2010. In NetCasters, Craig Von Buseck, director of for the Christian Broadcasting ... (more)
More information on 5 Keys to Reaching Your Family for Christ
Arni Jacobson
Arni has a gift for sharing his personal experience in a way that makes others want to have the same experience. Recognizing the uniqueness of family culture, Arni shares five practical keys that provide an effective, spiritual approach to reach our family members for Christ.
More information on Street Pastors
Les Isaac
Britainís late-night street stories are familiar to all: binge drinking, loneliness, gang culture, knife and gun crime, violence and fear. Barely a week goes by without another incident breaking on the news. But thatís not the whole story. Since 2003 a new breed of help has been on hand to dispel th... (more)
More information on Evangelism Handbook: Biblical, Spiritual, Intentional, Missional
Alvin Reid
A thoroughly updated overview of how evangelism should happen, detailing the work of the Great Commission in four key categories: biblical, spiritual, intentional, missional.
More information on Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith
You Can Share your Faith! As Christians, most of us realize that it is our responsibility to follow Jesus' command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone (see Mark 6:15). But for many of us, that is a terrifying thought. ow can we approach complete strangers and start talking wi... (more)
More information on How to Start a Kingdom Conversation
Dr Alfred Heller
Dr. Heller gives encouragement and helpful instruction to those who wish to share Christ with others, particularly those closest to them--their relatives. Zig Ziglar, in his foreword, says, I believe there is a critical need for this book.
More information on Leaning Evangelism From Jesus
Jerram Barrs
Studying Jesus' conversations with diverse people in his day, Jerram Barrs draws lessons and principles for attractively communicating the gospel to unbelievers in our day. Living in a culture that is opposed to Christianity tempts God's people to conform, to retreat, to be silent. But Jesus show... (more)