More information on Discovering the Way (Pack of 5)
Selwyn Hughes
An evergreen evangelistic tract by Selwyn Hughes is back by enthusiastic demand. CWR supporters were so keen to continue using this superb tract that they initiated funds to support this edition. Discovering the Way, sets out clearly and simply the steps to finding God and entering into a relatio... (more)
More information on Jesus: Dead or Alive?
John Blanchard
Christianity stands or falls on one stupendous event - the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If he is now no more than a handful of dust and bones lying somewhere in Israel, the Christian faith lies buried with him. In this new publication, John Blanchard examines the evidence, assesses the alternatives... (more)
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John Chapman
More information on Your Questions Answered - A reply to Muslim friends
E M Hicham
Undoubtedly Muslims have questions they want answered about Christianity, but would you know how to respond? Here is a helpful little book written by a converted Muslim that deals with the key questions in a way that will help those who are seeking the truth to find it.
More information on A Christian's Pocket Guide To The Japanese
Globalisation means that increasingly we meet people from a wider variety of nations and cultures. The manufacturing revolution that has seen Japan become one of the top industrialised nations in the world means that more Japanese people are travelling abroad and more people are travelling to Jap... (more)
More information on A Christian Pocket Guide To - The Chinese
From Mao to McDonalds: a nation transformed. If you go to the Wangfujing shopping centre in Beijing then you will find it bustling with shoppers and lines with expensive stores. Taking a break from the throng you can stop for a coffee at Starbucks or have a snack at McDonalds. These are all signs... (more)
More information on Living the Story
Jenny Morgan
This discipleship workbook for new believers will lay the foundation for experiencing life in Christ. Christians will be encouraged to grow in their spiritual walk as they learn the answers to seven key questions: Who is Jesus Christ? How can I be sure God cares? What is God like? What does it mean ... (more)
More information on My Mate's Gone Mad: Isn't Christianity Weird, Irrelevant and Untrue?
Graham Daniels
A readable, easy-to-give-away book for those willing to explore Christianity and discover who Jesus is. Who exactly was Jesus and what exactly is Christianity? Mad? Irrelevant? Untrue? This book tackles these questions head on and answers them in succinct, easy-to-read way using John's go... (more)