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Tremper Longman III / Peter Enns
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G Douglas Young
Young's Bible Dictionary offers concise and clear information on all the major people, places, objects, events, key words in the Bible, and theological terms. Designed to be used alongside all major Bible translations, this tool is highly rated for scholarship and clarity by Biblical Archaeological ... (more)
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Owen, W.Stuart
In every language words are sometimes used in a way that requires us to understand them as pictures of something else. To call a person a dog does not mean that he literally has four legs; the word is used as a picture of the character of that person. There is a lot of picture language, or figurativ... (more)
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David K Stabnow
According to The National Eye Institute, millions of Americans are visually impaired, and the numbers are expected to greatly increase over the next thirty years as Baby Boomers age and eyestrain from computer use continues among all generations.
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Bill T Arnold / Hugh G M Williamson
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Most Bible teachers say a Bible dictionary is the first reference tool a fledgling student of the Bible should acquire. The Holman QuickSource Bible Dictionaryis a perfect tool for those who are beginning to study the Bible. It’s definitions are both carefully researched and accessible. Definitions ... (more)
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Stephen D Renn (ed)
This great reference tool also comes with a CD containing all the great tools that the Strong’s CD has PLUS the full text of the Expository Dictionary. Everyone who studies the Bible wishes at some point that he or she knew the original Hebrew or Greek in order to better understand a difficult wor... (more)
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Stephen D Renn
Do you long for deeper understanding of the Bible's original texts---but lack the language training? Reach for Renn's reference! Exploring key biblical words and supplying their transliterations, translations, range of meanings, and usage, this handy resource then explains how themes, concepts, and ... (more)
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Nelson's Student Bible Dictionary presents nearly 2,000 definitions, representing the best in biblical scholarship, in a convenient and colorful package. Photographs, illustrations, charts, maps, and topical entries invite browsing and make Bible study fun. You will want to take Nelson's Student Bib... (more)
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A great resource for students, pastors, and anyone who enjoys biblical word studies. Easy-to-use edition of the best-selling classic, it offers fast access to thousands of biblical word definitions. Dig into the meanings of the words used by the original bible authors--quickly and easily. Keyed to S... (more)