More information on Reformed Confessions of the 16th & 17th Centuries
James T. Dennison Jr
This is the second volume of James T. Dennison's Reformed Confessions project, which compiles numerous Reformed confessions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries translated into English. For many of these texts, this is their debut in the Anglo-Saxon vernacular. It provides the English-speaking... (more)
More information on Bridgebuilders: Workplace Chaplaincy - A History
Malcolm Torry
'Workplace chaplaincy' is the term that covers the church's outreach to the economy which today takes many forms and is supported by many local ecumenical partnerships. Chaplains can be found in supermarkets, at airports, in industry, among glittering tower blocks in business districts. Malcolm Torr... (more)
More information on Not Angels But Anglicans (Revised, Updated Edition)
Henry Chadwick
First published in 2000 and with previous sales of 7000 copies, this is a volume that continues to be in demand, both from individual readers and tutors on ordination and other ministry courses. A dazzling array of contributors including Henry Chadwick, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Rowan Williams, David... (more)
More information on Outposts of the Faith: Anglo-Catholicism is some rural parishes
Michael Yelton
The Anglo-Catholic movement which flourished in the early and mid twentieth century is famed for its dedicated and heroic work in inner-city slum areas, yet little is recorded about its impact in rural areas, nor have the stories of its more flamboyant rural priests been told. "Outposts of the Faith... (more)
More information on Lift High the Cross: Ango-Catholicism in the Congress Years
John Gunstone
The Anglo-Catholic movement within the Church of England enjoyed a golden era beginning in the aftermath of the First World War and continuing to the middle of the 20th century. Its influence was widespread in all areas of local, national and international church life, and the renowned Anglo Catholi... (more)
More information on The Old Rectory
Anthony Jennings
This is a comprehensive survey of the social, historical and architectural importance of the English parsonage and its future. Traditional English rectories and vicarages, sold out of service by the Church, have become uniquely desirable to property buyers and are now cherished by their new private ... (more)