More information on Joy Unspeakable New Edition
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Martyn Lloyd-Jones explores the assertion of John the Baptist that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit. The result is a classic call to submit afresh to the Spirit for power, purity and assurance, while keeping our heads in the face of pitfalls that might distract or ensnare us.
More information on 101 Ideas to Transform the Local Church
A variety of experienced church leaders, missioners and other practitioners share simple and effective ideas for enhancing the life, worship and witness of every local church. The 101 ideas are grouped into twelve:vision,strategy,communication,preaching,leading and managing others,managing yoursel... (more)
More information on Making the Most of Your Church's Money
Maggie Durran
In these recessionary times, churches are as hard hit financially as anyone. Here is a simple, practical guide to making your church's resources go as far as they possibly can in the short, medium and long term. In non-technical language this provides a basic guide to:Managing money and budgets,cont... (more)
More information on Transfiguring Leadership (Canterbury Studies in Anglicanism)
This volume focuses on the distinctive voice and contribution of women to senior ordained and lay Anglican leadership and assesses where the Communion currently is, and looks constructively and courageously to the future. Stories from around the Anglican Communion and theological reflection on actua... (more)
More information on Growing a Caring Church
Wendy Billington
More information on R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Bill Craig / Donna Gandy
A ministry message to and about boomer adults—the impact they have had in everything they have touched and will continue to have, including in churches Target Audience: Adults, Staff Leaders in senior adult and/or emerging boomer ministry Description: A concise look at the baby-boomer genera... (more)
More information on Biblefresh
'It could change your world' - a new initiative to encourage people to engage with the Bible in new ways in 2011. You may already have heard all about it, but if not look up the website There are four key areas Biblefresh seeks to inspire churches through in 2011: • Rea... (more)
More information on The Church Treasurer's Handbook
Robert Leach
This clear, user-friendly, comprehensive guide to the duties and responsibilities of church and charity treasurers will prove a godsend to all who undertake this task which, though voluntary, demands a high level of professionalism due to the increasingly stringent requirements of the Charity Commis... (more)
More information on Heaven and Earth in Little Space: The Re-Enchantment of Liturgy
Andrew Burnham
Asks whether the widespread falling away of the appeal of religious worship is connected with the simplification of liturgical practice over recent decades? Has a well-meant policy of making the language and style of worship more accessible resulted in a loss of the sense of mystery - and has this a... (more)