More information on Angels: God's Secret Agents New Edition 2018
Billy Graham
Do you believe in angels? The World renowned preacher Billy Graham, who recently died only a few months ago before his 100th Birthday, describes the book as "one of the most fascinating studies of my life". In it he explores the biblical basis of what angels are , and the crucial role they play in o... (more)
More information on In the Shadow of His Wings
Johnathan Macy
More information on 23 Questions about Hell
Bill Wiese
Did God create hell? Is it real or metaphorical? Can "good" people go there? Wiese addresses these and other burning questions in this companion to 23 Minutes in Hell. Offering a firsthand account of eternal punishment, he clears up misconceptions about God's character and shows that we are accounta... (more)
More information on Studies on Saving Faith: A Biblical Response to Easy Believism
Arthur Pink
Far too much of the church in our day is marked by cheap grace, or easy-believism. The message given too often is, "Come to Jesus, you don’t have to change a thing." But our Lord did not say that salvation was an easy thing; rather, He said that it was an impossible thing, as far as men are concerne... (more)
More information on The Rage Against God: Why Faith is the Foundation of Civilisation
Peter Hitchens
In a fascinating account, Peter Hitchens describes his autobiographical and spiritual journey from atheism to faith in God through the power of reasoning. Peter Hitchens lost faith in his teenage years. But eventually finding atheism barren, he came by a process of logic and More...poetry to his cur... (more)
More information on By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me
Sinclair B. Ferguson
Are you truly amazed by God's grace? Or have you grown accustomed to it? Yes, we sing of God's "Amazing Grace," but do you truly understand what you as a Christian have experienced in receiving the grace of God? Or do you take divine grace for granted? In By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Ama... (more)
More information on Basics for Believers
D.A Carson
More information on Understanding the Faith
Stephen Smallman
Understanding the Faith aids those who desire to profess their faith publicly and become communicant members of a church. This workbook walks students through the essentials of the Christian faith, modeling the format of the Westminster Shorter Catechism
More information on The Happiness of Heaven
Maurice Roberts
While belief in heaven is essential to the Christian faith, the fact that pilgrim believers have not yet experienced heaven leaves us with many questions about what it will be like. In The Happiness of Heaven, Maurice Roberts surveys Holy Scripture to tell us what heaven is all about. In his charact... (more)