More information on Story Assemblies for the School Year
Edward J. Carter
More information on Done N Dusted: Ready to use Assemblies for Key Stage 3-4
Rob Hurd
Who in the Bible played tennis? Joseph – he served in the courts of pharaoh. Done ‘n’ Dusted is a lively, informative and often light-hearted assembly book for Key Stages 3-4. Through the use of jokes, factual information, quizzes, stories and visual material, pupils are encouraged to engage t... (more)
More information on Assemble Together: 100 Topical Assemblies for Key Stages 3-4
Tony Castle
To assemble together is one of the essential marks of Christianity. With this in mind, this book provides 100 topical assemblies for Key Stages 3 + 4, designed to engage pupils in thought-provoking issues whilst promoting Christian values beneficial within a school community. Thoroughly revised a... (more)
More information on Weaving a Journey Through Lent: Complete Assemblies for Juniors
Rachel Nicholls
This book uses the Gospel stories of Jesus and his disciples as threads which weave together to make a journey through Lent. There is one assembly for each school day in Lent (28 in total) covering a range of Gospel events, beginning with the baptism of Jesus and journeying to the cross. There is al... (more)
More information on More Assemblies for Primary Schools: Summer Term
Margaret Cooling
This title contains 70 assemblies on seasonal themes as well as topics relevant to today's children; example: stories of Christians who have helped to improve the lives of children in need, religious stories behind everyday items in shops, e.g. chocolate: Cadbury, Fry's, Rowntree, Fairtrade. Each as... (more)