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Ravi Zacharias
WHY JESUS? Is a pioneering book and a remarkable feat of objective research that will change the way we perceive the prevailing, largely unchallenged, spiritualised worldview of our day.
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John Blanchard
John Blanchard has produced yet another winner in Dealing with dawkins This time he engages with the so-called "new atheism" promoted by Richard Dawkins in his books The God Delusion and The Greatest Show on Earth. Blanchard concisely but clearly outlines Dawkins' views and arguments, and deftly dem... (more)
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Eric Metaxas
An amusing---but reverent---guide to the most influential Person who ever lived! In his trademark humorous style, Metaxas probes serious questions about Jesus---Was he God's Son? Why did he have to die? Did he rise again? You'll laugh at his down-to-earth answers and grow in knowledge. Apologetics h... (more)
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Acad, F E
Do you know how to reach your Muslim neighbors or friends? Learn how to build bridges and present Christ to them.
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Amy Orr-Ewing
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J. P. Moreland / Klaus Issler