Light For Our Path 2010
Kate Hughes
Light for our Path, edited by Kate Hughes, is an ideal place to start exploring the Bible. The daily notes introduce you to some of the biblical books as a whole, but they also cover a variety of themes, showing how the Old and New Testaments read together can reveal the depth, richness and relevance of the Bible for today's world. This is not a book of technical Bible study: rather, writers from all over the world and from many different churches help you to meditate on the word of God and see its relevance for your own life as they share its relevance to their lives.

Kate's career has included many years in southern Africa and she retains a deep understanding of the special requirements of individual and personal study. This year she has chosen contributors from countries such as Ethiopia, Malaysia, the West Indies, Romania, the USA, Australia, Kenya, India, and many more. Join them on their voyage of exploration and discovery through the riches of God's Word!

Books of the Bible studied this year are:

Genesis 1-35
St Luke's Gospel
Romans 1-8

Themes cover such diverse topics as

The economy of God
Treasures of darkness
Peter the Apostle

ISBN: 1905893167
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - published 24/07/2009
Format: Paperback