CY: Christianity Explored Youth Edition Study Guide
Christianity Explored: Youth Edition is a seven-week journey into Mark's Gospel for young people. All seven weeks are designed to bring young people to a clear understanding of the Gospel with the aid of specially written talks, Bible studies, games and activities.
Christianity Explored: Youth Edition uses Mark's Gospel like the original Christianity Explored and features cutting-edge, youth friendly design and loads of illustrations and cartoons. The User Guide includes Bible studies and group discussion starters along with summaries of each talk and room to write answers.

Table of Contents:
1. CY It's Worth Exploring
2. CY Jesus Matters
3. CY Jesus Came
4. CY Jesus Died
5. CY God Accepts Us
6. CY Jesus Lives
- CY We're Not Alone
- CY its tough to follow Jesus
- CY you need the Holy Spirit
- CY The Church is Your Family
- CY Its Good to Talk
7. CY We Should Believe

ISBN: 1905564430
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: GOOD BOOK COMPANY - published 04/12/2006
Format: Paperback