Gays and the Future of Anglicanism: Responses to the Windsor Report
Andrew Linzey (ed)
The Anglican Communion stands at a crossroads. Some want Anglicanism to be exclusive of gays, especially gay priests and bishops. The Windsor Report is seen as the means of achieving this by centralising the Anglican Communion, and bringing wayward provinces, like ECUSA, to heel. In this collection of essays, distinguished academics from the UK and the US offer lively, thoughtful and scholarly critiques of the Windsor Report. What unites this collection is the view that Windsor does not provide a way forward for Anglicanism. Contributors write from a variety of standpoints, including justice for gays, opposition to centralisation, and/or the need for legitimate moral diversity within Anglicanism. This timely collection offers a means of grappling with what has become one of the most controversial issues within Anglicanism, and also a way of reflecting on the future shape of the Church, and how inclusive that Church is going to be.

ISBN: 190504738X
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: O BOOKS - published 30/09/2005
Format: Paperback