Shaming of the Strong: The Challenge of an Unborn Life
Sarah Williams
She was going to be a mum again, and the whole family's excitement was growing day by day. But the hospital scan changed everything.

When Sarah Williams discovered that the child in her womb would not be able to survive birth, she was presented with a dilemma every parent dreads.

Does she follow the ever pressing advice of the medical profession? Or does she follow her heart?

If she chooses to follow her heart, how on earth will she make it through?

‘God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.’ 1 Corinthians 1:27

This extraordinary story begins with the happy news of a new member of the Williams family. Sarah’s two young daughters are excited, as is her own mother, Jennifer Rees Larcombe. But the happiness is shortlived, as the scan at the hospital reveals that the baby has a condition which will mean severe skeletal deformity. Birth will be fatal.

Sarah and husband Paul decide to go to full term and not abort, which shocks the staff at the hospital. So their personal anguish is exacerbated by the fight to maintain the baby’s own dignity as a human being. Naming her is important – and they decide on Cerian, which is Welsh for ‘loved one’. The book allows us to experience the emotions of Sarah and her family on the difficult journey towards Cerian’s birthday, which will also be her deathday.

"This book is one of the most powerful testimonies to God’s grace we have ever published. Its impact will be personal and political – Sarah has already had an impromptu session with the World Health Organisation who were eager to hear her perspective. It’s not often they encounter a mother who has both this kind of experience and the ability to articulate so many of the issues it raises."
Richard Herkes
Publishing Director

“Sarah's moving and authentic account shames our feeble excuses for treating the vulnerable as though they were less than human. Reading this made me feel more human.”
Heather Gemmen
author of Startling Beauty

ISBN: 9781842911792
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: KINGSWAY - published 22/09/2005
Format: Paperback